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부동산 건축의 최적의 솔루션을 제공하는 종합 컨설팅 기업입니다.


Starting with a small house, it gradually grew to include a commercial house for profit, and naturally grew into a <consulting company specializing in owner's agency>.


little building




commercial building


Real Estate Consulting


On behalf of the owner or investor,  SPC provides business management services such as establishment, design, construction, construction, marketing, sale, tenant matching, operation and sale .


건물주 의뢰

new construction

· 설계안 확정

· 설계 품질관리, 일정관리

· 설계 VE(Value Engineering)

· 사업 예산의 적정성 검토

· 인허가 사항 검토 및 업무지원

· 프로젝트 마스터 스케줄 수립

new construction

Dispute management

new construction

new construction

· 하도급 발주 및 공사 수행

· 기성 / 공사비 관리

· 공법 / 시공성 검토

· 설계변경 관리

· 공정 관리

· 내집사용설명서 작성

· 인수/인계 계획 수립

· 최종 공사비 정산

· 관리자 사용 교육

· 하자 보수 계획 수립 / 시행


내 집 완공!


By providing investment advisory services to membership members, information asymmetry in the commercial real estate market is resolved, and investment opportunities are expanded through matching investment groups.

CCD Paid Member Membership Service Information

Feasibility study

feasibility analysis, market understanding,

Review the timing of your business
Profitability including future prospects
Validation of building plan by the owner

environmental survey

Location review

Understanding the conditions around the site

Anticipation of civil complaints

Architecture business planning

Analysis of determinants of real estate value
Profitability/Future Investment Value Analysis
Finding ways to cooperate with Chinchindi

Basic tax consultation

 VAT and business registration

Adequacy review
Transfer Tax and Owner Profitability Review

Design drawing review (when visiting the head office)

Plan Plan Plan Plan Feasibility Review
Construction adequacy review

Optimal Designer Recommendation Service

Architect's architectural plan and direction analysis
Optimal architectural model and designer recommendation service

3 million won

500 million or less

5 million won

over 500 million

※ Credit card installment and bank transfer available


CCD  Organization Chart



CEO Greetings

Chinchindi is a transparent, easy, and fast one-stop service for housing construction services, which was difficult to communicate with.
It is a one-stop platform for real estate development.

Dongwon Seo   CEO I _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5

Current CEO of Station Block Co., Ltd.
Director of Station Area Rental Housing Development Research Institute
Managed small and medium-sized development projects for a cumulative 140 sites
​Project Manager PM

The world we live in now is a world of uncertainty, complexity, diversity, informatization and globalization, and it is changing our industrial economy and our lives at an astonishing speed.
I thought my plans were the best, but suddenly better ideas are pushing me away. Our clients need to achieve sustainable growth and generate revenue. CCD is a professional organization that makes the customer's job a success. CCD builds a professional consulting system for construction owners and provides customized Hybrid Consulting services that are optimized according to the rapidly changing market environment and customer situations. I'll do it.
thank you

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